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A laptop backpack is the safest and easiest way to carry your laptop around.

Being a backpack, the laptop backpack is comfortable to carry as the laptop weight is evenly distributed over the back and shoulders, and carrying it will be comfortable and less strain.

It is important to note that the laptop backpack is orthopaedic or padded over the shoulder blades, with thick padded straps which fit comfortably and well over the shoulders.

Make sure that the backpack is made of durable high quality materials, and that the seams and finish of the bag are sewn and reinforced properly.

A backpack designed to carry a laptop has internal padding which protect the laptop from bumps and scratches.

How to protect the laptop inside the bag:

  • Usually a laptop backpack is constructed so on the interior, against the back of the bag, is a separate internal padded compartment suitable for holding the computer. The compartment is closed on both sides and at the base, and is usually closed at the top with a flap with Velcro closure and a PP carrying strap in the centre.
  • Superior laptop bags have a padded flap with Velcro closure which can be fixed over the entire top end of the laptop so it is not exposed, to reduce risk of damage to the laptop.
  • For people who travel with the laptop, or who move from room to room with the laptop, and do not want to carry the whole backpack with them, it is advisable to buy a bag with removable internal laptop pouch.  The padded laptop pouch when removed from the backpack becomes a padded laptop briefcase in itself, and can be the safest way to move around with your computer.

Laptop backpacks are manufactured in various sizes suitable for all laptops from 12 inches to 17 inches.

Laptop backpacks are usually supplied with a number of internal compartments to carry other essentials apart from the laptop such as the charger, documents, discs, wallet, personal organiser etc. Most also have an outlet for earphones and a small internal pocket for a music player, mobile phone pocket, a side pocket for keys etc and net to hold a drink bottle.

Laptop backpacks are most popular among business people travelling around the world, travellers and backpackers, students carrying their laptops with them, and in the last few years laptop backpacks have become the new rage in high tech companies to distribute to participants at the various training conventions and trade shows they hold.

Over the years the laptop backpack has become a fashion trend. The bags are available in various colours and styles, which shift with the changing fashions. Some bags are fashionable, and some are more conservative.

The prices vary depending on the number of compartments in the bag, the material, amount of padding and style so anyone wanting a laptop backpack can find one to suit their budget.