Conference Bags

Conference bags are distributed at conventions, conferences and trade shows, and are used by event organisers as the most efficient way possible to distribute relevant material and information to the visitor or participant.

The conference bag has a major influence on the advertising impact of the event.

Company logo, the name of the event and sometimes also the sponsors’ names are printed, embossed or embroidered on the conference bag.

In most cases the conference bag is kept by the recipient, and can be seen around even years after the event.

Thanks to a branded conference bag the company logo automatically enters the consciousness of those around us, whether it’s people we work with, friends and acquaintances and of course passers by in the street, on the bus or train.

We have all seen people walking around with branded shoulder bags, back packs or conference bags with company logo and event name printed or embroidered on it.  In this way a company increases brand exposure to the general public and raises brand awareness to potential customers.

Of course this brand exposure can generate interest and even a sales opportunity to the final consumer.

A conference bag is available in many different designs, materials and styles.

There are exhibition bags which hang from the shoulder by two long handles. Usually this type of bag is made from cotton, non-woven material or polyester.

There are conference shoulder bags with a carrying handle, and there are conference back packs. Available on the market are many options for both types regarding the internal arrangement of the bag, number of pockets or compartments, colours, accessories and materials to suit of course different budgets.

No matter which bag you choose, all bags, even the most simple type, will do the job of advertising your logo and message for a long time, and will continue to ensure that your logo and company details are visible and penetrate the market in the best and most efficient way as they are carried around.

Obviously the better the bag, the more convenient, fashionable and comfortable to use it is, the greater the chance that the recipient will use the conference or exhibition bag on a regular basis as their day-to-day work bag, in which case the advertising message is spread more and more.

Conference bags, convention bags and exhibition bags are an essential part of sales promotion and have been repeatedly proven to be an effective investment for effective sales promotion and branding.

Branded bags are not only used at conferences, conventions and exhibitions. In the last few years due to increasing environmental awareness many businesses have started to replace branded plastic carrier bags with “green” non-woven bags made from recycled or recyclable materials which are kinder to our environment.

Apart from at exhibitions we now see non-woven bags at the supermarket, clothing and other retail outlets.

Like conference bags, most of the non-woven bags are printed with the advertiser’s logo and message with details of where it was distributed.

Business owners who distribute branded shoulder bags continue to be in contact with as wide a target market as possible, and make sure that their name, company logo and often also their address and contact details are seen as the bags are carried around – and the results speak for themselves.