Branded Sport Bags

Sports bags are an excellent advertising and marketing tool for schools and universities, clubs, gyms, studios and dance schools.

Any such organization with an emphasis on sporting activity will benefit from use of a branded sports bag as a promotional gift for clients, and as a tool for marketing their business.

TIK. CO’s sports bags are designed by sports enthusiasts for sports enthusiasts, taking into account the tough conditions the various types of sports bags are required to withstand in use.

The bags are made from strong and durable materials, with double stitching on the seams and reinforced straps with anti-sweat treatment, all of which are every-day requirements of athletic clients.

We at TIK. CO invest a lot of consideration into designing our sports bags to serve the user in the best way possible:

  • Large compartment for storing a towel and a change of clothes.
  • Side pocket for sports shoes.
  • Mesh pockets for ventilation of damp sweat-soaked items, after training.
  • Accessible convenient place for carrying a drink bottle.

At TIK. CO you will find a wide range of specially designed sports bags, to precisely suit the needs of your clients.

There are different models in stock of sport and fitness bags, in different colors, to suit various budgets.

On all our sports bags your company logo and message can be embroidered or printed to be a popular and effective gift for your clients.

Of course you can place a special order for a different design of bag, specially suited to you and your company’s requirements. During the booking process you may participate in the bag design, choice of colors, materials and branding.

Sport and fitness bags are an increasing popular useful gift to your clients, and can proudly display your company logo and message so it can be advertised everywhere the bag is carried.

We will be happy to assist you and to help you in choosing the most suitable bag for you to advertise and market your company.